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Bossy Crows

That is right! Crows are bossy and I don’t mean the cow named Bossy from old.

When I leave the house for a walk, the resident murder starts following me. They get a tad bit pushy when I don’t come up with peanuts fast enough.

Crows on Puget Sound watching me for snacks
Crows on Puget Sound watching me for snacks

I can’t understand the words they use but I am sure some of them are swearing at me. Then again some must be sending me nice things too. I will be walking along and they swoop over my head and feather my shoulder. Some folks tell of being racked by crows but not me. I am one of the good guys in their eyes.

30th Avenue flock watching me
30th Avenue flock watching me
Three amigo crows
Three amigo crows

Then they get impatient and start giving me the one-four of cawing and send in the oldest biggest crow to strut in front of me. That is a subtle reminder that they have a tally that I must pay.

Mr Crow - my follower showing me the beach
Mr Crow giving me the eye.

So, not only are humans bossy but so are crows.


Yes I try to be a combination of superheros.... Batgirl and Robin (Batman's sidekick) Add a love of crows, nature & history and this is what makes Batgurrl tick. Technology is important to me but I advocate rambling free of it. The small screen in the middle of nature is a distraction. Pretty tall order that I often fail at. But I smile through it, pick myself back up and get going again. May you do the same.

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