Dreams of Baby Crows

Tis the season for crows to re-enforce their relationships to seal the baby deal. It was late December but spring will be here soon.

Down on the Arroyos I spotted these two on a wire noodling and hanging out together. Wires and the Olympic Mountain Range landscape their moment.

One has to have an eye for nature in the middle of our developed world. Look closely at the picture below. Next to the distant pole there is a black blob on the wire.  That is our pair.

Got to look close to see the crow lovers
Got to look close to see the crow lovers

As I snapped off some photos of them I captured their interactions with the world.

First it was a caw at something they wanted to know that they were in charge or perhaps it was a family crow member they wanted to tell something.

Don't mess with us!
Don’t mess with us!

Next they each watched a separate direction. Two sets of eyes form a better security system.

Got your back Babe!
Got your back Babe!

Then they both look to the right towards the hills. There must be something flying around that interested them.

What's That?
What’s That?

Then they both looked to the left at the Puget Sound. Kind of dreamy thoughts about babies, good eats and a little sunny day heat for two lovers.

Watching the waves together
Watching the waves together


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