Crows of Union Bay

I like to think crows follow me where ever I go. This was true at the Center for Urban Horticulture at the University of Washington.

OK – truth is crows are everywhere man is and we only have to open our eyes to see them. Some folks might think that is creepy but like I said I tell myself they are following me, their pied piper.

My first sight of them was in a lovely tree that is right next to Center for Urban Horticulture buildings. This was a good sign as I get out of my car and there is my first follower.

Crow follower in tree over Ctr for Urban Horticulture
Crow follower in tree over Ctr for Urban Horticulture

He is a little tough to see but look high up in the branches. That black blob is my buddy.

It is winter at Union Bay and it is a brown area that the wind was whipping across. Made my eyes water but I did see some ducks and got a few shots of the landscape, a pond and the raindrops pattering into the water.

There is a lot of reclamation and construction down here at the reserve. Way too many signs telling us to not enter but new gravel paths and lots of ground up stuff where soon natural foliage will be planted. Getting rid of the invasive blackberries is a good mission but it is looking bare in the meantime.  This work is getting done by Washington Dept of Transportation in exchange for a small piece of land they needed for the new Hwy 520 bridge.

Then I can around the bend and saw my black winged friends frolicking on the newly laid ground cover. If you look carefully in this first picture you will see them on the water’s edge mid photo.

Crow heads poking up on the peninsula mid-picture

I quietly moved down the trail and got some closer photos of them.

Crows playing at the water’s edge Union Bay
They take flight and land across the pond
Union Bay Crow Murder seeking out a meal
Union Bay Crow Murder seeking out a meal or sip of water

Then they flew up into a row of poplar trees. That was my cue to check out the bridge over the slough which lead to the back of the UW Sports area. Crossing it puts one not far is Husky Stadium, Hec Edmundson Pavilion and training areas, plus the light rail station.

View North from bridge to UW from Union Bay Natural Area.
View North from bridge to UW from Union Bay Natural Area.

I turned around and there was this little pair bathing away in the water.

Not only was it great to see them brave the cold water and show how hardy they are but you can hear how the brisk wind is hitting me and the camera.

Are they following me around? Perhaps? They do tell each other who is naughty or nice. Since I feed them peanuts maybe the word got out even here at Union Bay.

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