Trekking the Alki History Trail

Follow my adventure checking out the 24 stops on the “Alki History Trail”.

This fall I swung by the Southwest Seattle Historical Society Log Cabin Museum. They were closed but I found this little brochure. It was right up my alley with a self-guided tour of Alki area historical points of interest.


Thank You to the Alki Community Council and the SW Seattle Historical Society for preparing this gem for us to enjoy.

Here are the individual articles of my trek. Come back for more as I weave my way along the history trail.

Psal-YAH-hus  or “Horned Snake Owns It” – The first stop is a rock off of the Vashon Ferry Dock at Fauntleroy Cove.  To this day I still have not seen it and read more on why that is a good thing. – Horned Snake Owns It – Alki Trail #1

Dxkasus or “It has a Scorched Face On It” – Right across the street from the dock is the second stop.  Two little parks on a bluff that some think had a sooty look to it. – It has a Scorched Face on it – Alki Trail #2

Chi-HA-ee-dus or “Crowded Head” – Lincoln Park at Williams Point has a salt water pool that was built in 1941 on the natural tidal pool that both the native americans and early settlers used. – Crowded Head – Alki Trail #3

Gwul or “Capsizing” – Lowman Beach Park where at one time a creek flowed down Lincoln Park Way. Lot of change here with construction to protect Puget Sound from water run off. Plus a random act of kindness to enjoy. – Capsizing – Alki Trail #4

TUS-bud or “Cold Weather House” – the destination was not very exciting since it had changed so much but the trek there had interesting sights and history.  Cold Weather House – Alki Trail #5

Inbetween – The Between is about a mile of Beach Drive from “Cold Weather House” which is at Shore Place and the next stop at Weather Watch Park.   The Between

Weather Watch Park – Village of South Alki of over 100 years ago. It was serviced by the Mosquito Fleet which had a dock where the park is today. Weather Watch Park – Alki Trail #6

Chillberg School – The first Alki Elementary was here but you would not know it. 100 years changes a lot. Chillberg School – Alki Trail #7

Sea View Hall – One of the last orginal log houses from the days Alki being a beach destination. Sea View Hall – Alki Trail #8



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