Winter season of old Barn

This barn is certainly in the winter of its life span. What better subject matter than an old barn as we count down to the shortest day of the year… Winter Solstice December 21st.

I had gone to a new park along Soos Creek a few weekends ago. It was nice enough but was too developed for my wandering taste. The trail was paved and going rouge off trail was not possible due to swampy soil and fencing. To add to my disappointment there were no crows and very limited little birds to admire and get to know.

As I was hustling along to see if it was going to go somewhere that would get me closer to nature I saw a barn off on a hill guarded by blackberry brier. I never found a good off path trail so on my way back to the car I hiked up a road to get closer to this cool barn.

What I found was a small housing development from the 80s and across the street an old house with “the barn” awaiting a new housing development to happen. My research on the property date them around 1930.

Being curious and no one living there, I just rambled right over to the barn. After wading around in the briers and after making sure no homeless folks were there I took a few photos.

Here is the old entrance.  It has seen better days and now is a wreak of a barn.

Barn awaiting the wreaking ball.
Barn awaiting the wreaking ball.

This next shot shows you how the roof is not really a roof any more. The blackberries have nearly engulfed it. To access the door someone put some lumber down on the thorny berries. They were slippery but I was able to poke my head inside.


As I trekked back to my car I took a few distant photos showing how it sits lonesome in its field now overtaken by a brier patch.


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