Brave Crow or Harassing Bird

Nature brings us many observations and lessons. This week I was drawn to a crow mob’s sound and found they were targeting a hawk along the freeway. The question I pose is, are the crows being brave or are they being a harassing mob?

Crows harrassing Hawk in firs next to freeway - Burien, WA
Crows harassing Hawk in firs next to freeway – Burien, WA

These brave crows were dive-bombing and strafing the hawk as he sat in a fir tree just looking for a meal. The murder believes the hawk is their mortal enemy since they prey on their young in the spring. Nor do they want to share the rich human offerings of the freeway exit with Mr. Hawk.

The Crows chased the Hawk from the trees.
The brave harassment continues even in flight

On the flip side, the hawk has a family to raise too. He is seeking a snack to stay strong through the winter and pretty much minding his own business.

Mr Hawk finds harbor in a tree from the crows

We humans could use a little of this perspective to balance what is bravery and harassment. On this lovely day of Thanksgiving can we lay aside our prejudices and pre-conceived ideas to better understand each other. It is all too easy to think harassment makes us appear strong. However, we are also showing our lack of another attribute -> compassion.

So, instead of chasing each other like my beloved crows are with this hawk, let us soar together and make this world a better place.


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