Crows & Cats – Urban Survivors

And you could add cockroaches and rats, but I don’t like them, so we will ignore them and talk about cats and crows today.

Mankind has moved to an urban setting. We reshape the natural world so much that species are going extinct. However, two species are thriving and if you think about it have growing populations. Those two are crows and cats. Everywhere you go they are there right beside us. Every step along our house wrecking path they are pawing and flying along.

How can I compare Cats and Crows. Two distinctly different species. One is cute, cuddly and sleeps in your bed. The other caws at us, hardly ever lets us touch their feathers and they are all Black. OK, a cat can be black too and those cats create suspicion but nothing like a crow does.


img_4506Another thing to ponder is we actually brought the cats along for the ride. We adopted them or perhaps they adopted us. Somehow they have convinced us that we were the adopters.  HA!! Do they have us wrapped around their little paws. They get food, warm beds, treats and toys. Unlike dogs they don’t fawn all over us. Remember, it is reversed, we court them and they allow us to be in their space.



img_0571Crows, they approach their opportunistic use of us in a different way. They are much more aloof than a cat.  Yes a creature that is more aloof than a kitty cat is the crow.  Most people don’t notice that crows flock to places and humans that provide them with food and safe places for their youngsters to fledge. Most of us are spooked by them due to being associated with death and eating road kill or battle field dead. However, they are surviving and their populations are not shrinking even though in some places they have crow hunts.

I ask you which do you prefer? Most of you will say the cat of course you silly woman. My confession is I love them both. They provide me with endless amusement and joy. Both are smarter than some humans and have found surviving alongside us is better than just going it alone.

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