Mr Crow & Friends Beach

The smell of fall attacked me as I rambled down the trail to the beach this morning. That is a smell of sweet tree sap and leaves. Add a little tang of the salt water and seaweed for a lovely nature moment.

Trail to beach - can you smell fall?
Trail to beach – can you smell fall?


Along the trail Mr Crow and his buddies followed from tree to tree. They know me oh so well and the bag of peanuts I carry for them.

At the beach he escorted me around and made sure his entourage was treated well.

Mr Crow - my follower showing me the beach
Mr Crow – my follower showing me the beach
Beach Crows checking me out
Beach Crows checking me out

Right on the bank one of Mr Crows friends a Song Sparrow showed off his seed foraging skills. He bounced around oblivious to me.  Perhaps he knew I was OK because Mr Crow told him to not worry.

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What a lovely Sunday walk checking out my neighborhood beach. The crows got their peanuts and the sparrow found his little bit of lunch in the bushes.

Then walking back to the trail up the hill I saw some grebes and as you can see in their photo a little trash floating.

Grebes and trash float in Puget Sound

Along the beach I found more cans and a half inflated new baby balloon. I popped the balloon scaring the birds. One cannot leave that on the beach for some poor soul to get tangled in the ribbon. That trash I put up in the area we use as a gathering place for such items.

Best trash of all was the broken arrow I found. Where did that come from?  What was its story? Well it is now in the trash pile too.

Can and arrow trash at Ocean View Beach – Seattle WA

So much for those that do not respect nature and our planet.  They don’t really know who they are or care that they do these things.

I leave you with a red leaf held sweetly by a small bush. Enjoy your Sunday and be sure to get out and ramble freely. May you see lovely things that awe you and feed your soul.


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