Crows of Fauntleroy

New rambling quest started today. I picked up a brochure by the Southwest Seattle Historical Society and the Alki Community Council. It is called Alki History Trail.

The first stop is a native site just south of the Fauntleroy Ferry Terminal to Vashon Island. Here is what I was seeking:

Psal-YAH-hus – “Horned Snake Owns It”


Red boulder about 100 yards south of the Vashon Ferry Dock at the waterline.


For the natives, supernatural forces existed in the Puget Sound. This “spirit boulder” was inhabited or guarded by an elk-like serpent with horns. If natives caught sight of it, the serpent could either twist their bodies into knots or offer healing powers. Superstitious or fearful, the natives chose not to look at it.

To my dismay, the tide was too far up and I did not find the red boulder. However, I did encounter the local crow murder. As I got ready to duck under the ferry dock there they were.

Fauntleroy Crow Murder south of ferry dock

They were bathing in Fauntleroy Creek which flows out on the south side of the dock. Notice a couple of pigeons are enjoying the water too.

Crow bath time in Fauntleroy Creek at Ferry Dock.

Traveling down the beach I found them in the trees and on the beach. There must be upwards of 30 to 40 family members in this murder.

Fauntleroy Crows in tree near dock
Fauntleroy Crows in tree near dock
Crows south of Vashon Island Ferry Dock
Crows south of Vashon Island Ferry Dock

This above photo is about where the red boulder should be but further out at a lower tide line. After I walked a bit around I went back under the dock. In my wanderings I have become fascinated by the underside of bridges. The bottom of the dock did not disappoint.

Fauntleroy Ferry Dock underside shimmers

For those that don’t know what the top side of the dock looks like here is a photo of the crows hanging out on the railing. What a great vantage point to see snacks, watch the kids, guard the murder, and just have fun.

Crows hanging out on the ferry dock.

Over at Lincoln Park which is north of the dock I got a good shot of another crow family member with the ferry behind it.

Crow and Vashon Ferry

Next low tide I will have to go seek the red boulder.  I also plan to visit the other 23 sites and develop a series of posts around the Alki History Trail. See you out there rambling!

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