Tranquility Interrupted

Last weekend I had an adventure to Schmitz Preserve Park where the beauty of this old growth forest was interrupted by a negative force.

To set the stage, I had wandered through the park and made it down to the creek that flows through it. A lot of work has been done in this old park to keep people off sensitive areas. Many years ago there was a lot of trees taken out by a big wind storm. This diverted trails and also caused more erosion. Add to this that West Seattle is just being loved to death including this park.

So, I took an approved path to the creek not realizing it would actually follow the water. That was where I found this lovely waterfall. The best part was the reason I knew there was trail there was a couple I met taking pictures. They were from Pennsylvania and we had a wonderful chat about the changes in nature both in their home town and the Pacific Northwest. They had seen a big blue bird at Mt. Rainier National Park and I told them it sounded like a Steller Blue Jay.  Within moments one of them pulled up a picture on their tablet. The excitement they experienced to know the bird was contagious.

We parted and then I took these photos of the waterfalls on the creek.

Waterfall in Schmitz Park – West Seattle

I carefully wandered down the creek. The trail was not very good and I had to jump and climb a little.

Water shooting thru a natural log pipe
 Over my head was a huge old log that many actually walk over from side to side. Not my thing but as I climbed up the bank I looked over and enjoyed the bueaty of it all.
Big log over the creek ravine
Big log over the creek ravine

Knowing the park well, I pushed my way through the brush to come out on a small sub trail that would lead me back to the main paths. As I got close to getting off this small unmaintained trail, a lady with two dogs came around the corner. One dog was unleased but he came up to me and just passed by. However, the other dog, who was on leash, just went crazy when he saw me.  He was a small terrier but was really out of control.

His master was talking on the phone but that did not stop her from yanking his lease and swearing very angrily at him. The “F” bomb was used rather liberally. Those that know me know I am not afraid to use that word but the anger that poured out made me fell sorry for this little dog. No wonder he was so agitated with a master like that.

I pulled to the side and told her that was what I would do. As they passed the dog got more agitated and she as well. The cussing and yanking continued and all this time she was on her phone. Now I felt sorry for the dog and the person on the phone.

That was when I made my mistake. My filter stopped working and I opened my mouth to say…. you should get off your phone and enjoy the forest. Oh my.. she turned on me and call me every bad word you can imagine. In hindsight she could have attacked me. I would have had to pull my mace out. A thing I figured I might need on a crazy man but never a hostile woman.

I escaped unharmed but shaken. What had I done to deserve that negative encounter? I should have not told her that thing about not using her phone. None of my business and I must remember that not everyone needs input from this nature lover. Nor do they like to ramble free of technology.


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