Fauntleroy Forest Fairies

My neighborhood park has some busy fairies. They are protecting the salmon and bringing joy to those that visit.

First it was the signs in Fauntleroy Creek telling everyone to be careful of the salmon fry. They put a lot of love and care into their message. The day I came across these signs a small girl in the cutest dress was dancing around the bridge over the creek. Nature had spoken to her.

The creek’s protector has struck with this sign.
An artist is born with this sign

Up the hill from the creek is the magical cedar grove.

Noon in the Cedar Glen
The Cedar Grove at Fauntleroy Park

Here I have seen an owl, robins, wrens and best of all a fairy house.

Cedar tree shelters a fairy home.
Cedar tree shelters a fairy home.
A place any nymph or sprite would love
A place any nymph or sprite would love

The woodland creatures look after each other. They have not forgotten their littler friends the bugs by building a hotel for them too.

vacancy sign is out
vacancy sign is out
This bug house is ready to move into.
This bug hotel is ready to move into.

Nature and adventure is there for all of us. Go enjoy your local park and you just might find a treat like I did.


  1. Hello Robin! I am so interested by archeology and local urban archeology, and by wonderful serendipity I found you while looking up stuff about the Duwamish. Thank you for all your photos and observations. THEN, all the crow stuff! Have always loved them, even was ‘blessed’ by one. As a young teen sitting in the back yard, a crow nailed me good by ‘going to the bathroom’ on my head…as my mom roared with laughter from the porch. Felt like a rock at first, ’til I put my hand in it! Later in life while working on the San Juan Island ferries, I’d often talk to the crows perching on the boat railings. Even got caught by passengers making my crow noises! Embarrassing sometimes. Anyway, I will keep reading and I love what you’ve done. Thank you so much, Colleen.

    • Gosh – thank you so much. That series on the Duwamish and Green River was one of my favorites. All that walking and finding new things was a delight. Did you see the My River video. Kind of sad but exciting to get to the end of the river.

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