Baby Crow on wires

The little rascals are everywhere now. They have popped out of the nests and are tormenting their parents.  They cry and beg relentlessly, unaware of the risk of being eaten by a raptor or run over by a car when they get on the road.

Looking at this baby’s pink mouth and size makes me believe it is just out of the nest and quite young. He does fly ok and was balanced enough to jump around and get up in the wires.

All Pink lips and blue eyes
All pink lips and blue eyes
Baby Crow cries for food
Baby Crow cries for food

The parents must be on their final nerve as this short video demonstrates. They finally just fly away leaving the little guy to cry to himself.  He then chases them and gets next to the power pole.

By now the parents are giving me hell.  They know me plus I just fed them peanuts. There are no friends around baby crows. Mom and Dad will give us humans a strong message to get the heck away from their child. I am included in the go away as you can tell from the strong cawing on this next video.

The baby is clueless to it all and just pokes around investigating the wires. Watching it now I cringe thinking he might zap himself. Power outages can be traced to dead crows.  YIKES!! But the little one did not do himself harm. Even today a few days later one can hear his loud cry even a half block away.


  1. We’ve taken to leaving food out – mostly meal worms – rying to stop the parents from nest-robbing starlings . It seems to be working. The only ones doing it now are crows from outside our little area who know us.

    • what a fabulous idea. Our crows raid our feeder and we feed them meat scrapes. I bet they are still nest robbing since that is part of the natural hierarchy. Sad but true. Have a great Sunday!!

  2. I watch all the baby birds here in our yard follow their parents and relentlessly chase them for food. It’s kind of comical. Though I’m not lucky enough to have crows nest, all of the birds do it. Little loud mouths, too! I just love the photo of the baby you have with the all blue eyes and pink mouths, so sweet.

  3. This is good. I love the pictures. Oddly enough, I have crows around here but I have never seen BABIES – and I know these crows have staked out their geographic territory! Seeing your pictures, and hearing your stories, makes me want to look more closely for the baby crows!

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