Angry Bird = Crow Moma

This time of year people complain about being attacked by crows. Sounds like Angry Birds game but it is nothing to scoff at. These encounters are caused by us getting too close to a newly fledge baby crow.

On my Saturday adventures I encountered the parents before I found the baby. Little did they know that their aggressive behavior of cawing and flying around me backfired. Most people would take heed and leave the area cussing about those crazy mean crows. Yes, the image of crows is so misunderstood.


Baby Crow oblivious to parents angst
Baby Crow oblivious to parents angst

Knowing that this means a baby crow sighting I got excited and got my camera out of the car. Sure enough this youngster with blue eyes and pink lips was sitting on the top of a school building. For those that live in the Seattle area it was on the Chinook Middle School in SeaTac and part of Highline Public Schools. I was futzing around there and Tyee High School my Alma maters.


Back to crow parents ferociousness. I like to compare them to bears. They are fearless, unrelenting and will attack for their young. In the case of crows it means a swoop to the head and perhaps a scalp wound. Far less dangerous than a bear who can kill us humans.

However, this behavior comes from the same place. Protect the young and make sure they grow to adulthood. If you are a stranger to them in the wrong place at the wrong time then they will let you know to leave the area immediately. It starts with excessive cawing and agitated jumping from perch to perch. The baby will be close by and might even fly away to another location.

This flushing the baby from his perch has perils. They are not very good at flight or landing. It is easy for them to get hurt or lost in the shuffle. So, I did not pay attention to my own advise and vacate the area. Instead I follow the troop through the trees and across the buildings. Being a stranger they did not like me at all. Eventually I only got the one good picture of the baby and called it quits.

One of my other experiences with this behavior has been in the madrona forest years ago. This murder know me and their behavior isn’t as violent but they still tell me I am not to touch or get too near to their precious child.

I leave you with my all time favorite baby crow picture. It does not show you the blue eyes or other baby crow markings. Instead it is a silhouette of his crying for food. His cuteness is so contagious.

Edgar the baby crow telling his story
Baby crow begging – parents were close by


  1. I just read about your spotting a baby crow. Funny that I would check that out right now, because about a half hour ago a crow was yelling at me. I’m in my room, but I answered. I answer the birds in this area, and they do seem to know me — there are three crows who I think claimed this territory. Anyway, I kept talking to him. Then I saw his shadow go across my window. Then I saw him try to find a perch in the bush outside my window. I think the branches are too crowded. He tried, but ended up perched on the street light, a few yards behind that bush! It was a delight to be recognized. I live on the east coast by the way.

  2. We got babies out our way in Greenwood too. Can tell when a youngster is nearby as we get one of the bigger crows (dad, maybe?) perching sentry on the wires across from our glass door.

    • Keep your eye peeled then for the goofy crow that looks like an adult but acts like a toddler!! They must trust you since they are not dive bombing you too. Enjoy!

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