My Top Five Surprises

After five years of sharing my experiences with the world I had a retrospective moment looking back on my most popular posts. I wanted my blog children to be popular after working so hard on them. The ones you think are super-duper are often not the ones that skyrocket to the top. Instead some sleepy post comes out of nowhere and just keeps on giving. Then there are the posts that are huge flashes in the pan but do not have the staying power.

Going back in time…. here are the top five.  Lets see if you are as surprised as I am.

#5 – 6 Baby Crows Crying  – we begin with a 2011 post about a walk around my neighborhood echoing with the cry of baby crows. Not a lot of photos but this post got 308 people to learn more about baby crows. Baby Time

Mom - we think you should come feed us NOW!!
Mom – we think you should come feed us NOW!!

#4 – Crow Pellet – leave it to an icky subject like bird throw up to be on my top list. A sunny day at the beach a crow coughed up this thing and I took a picture. A little research later I found out it was called a pellet and then wrote this blog that got 514 looks.  Go check out Crow Throw-up

Crow Pellet - interesting look at what this crow was eating
Crow Pellet – interesting look at what this crow was eating

#3 – Crows – Ravens Halloween – at 586 hits how can you go wrong writing about black crows and the scary holiday of Halloween.  Check out all the bad omens associated with our black beauties.  What an image they have! Surprise to all they actually are thought to be the creator and the destroyer.  Can you match that?  crow legends


#2 – Crow Stalker and Amanda Knox Paparazzi – no matter if you call it a fancy word like Paparazzi, it is still a form of Stalking. It was happening right here in my West Seattle neighborhood, international paparazzi looking for Amanda Knox when she was released from jail in Italy.  This was heralded in October of 2011 with media helicopters and traffic jams.  On my Sunday walks looking for crow photo opportunities I stumbled upon them sleeping, watching and hanging out by her mother’s house.  I started calling myself Crow Stalker after I accused them of stalking her and they said I was doing the same thing to my beloved crows.  This first post got 927 number of views in a short couple of months.  The followup post recieved 161 views.  Here are the links to both of them.

Amanda Knox Paparazzi – #2 all time post  and the second one is.  more Amanda

This weeks Amanda Knox Paparazzi
This weeks Amanda Knox Paparazzi

#1 – Its Molting Time – Crows, Herons & Madrona Trees  – this post has the most staying power of all with 1,444 views. It was conceived in the fall fo 2011 and every week someone reads it. I think it is the madrona trees molting that catches the traffic. They are a very special tree that molt at the same time as the birds I follow at the beach. But then again it could be the crows who sure don’t look black and shiny when in molt.  Its Molting Time – my #1 viewed post

Mom - where are my new winter coat?
Mom – where is my new winter coat?

I want to thank my readership for all their input and support. My Top Five is a testament to you.


  1. Robin- I just love your blog. I like your top five count down. I think people are afraid or dislike crows for the same reasons they are afraid or dislike black cats, it is from superstition. I never cared for these black birds and now because of you, I have an appreciation for them.

  2. WOW! that is SO impressive! an all time high of 1444, and molting time outbeat halloween!
    so glad to hear there are so many people out there who actually really do like crows!

    My personal favourite?
    you cant go past last weeks – West Crow Street versus Dead End Street. a killer post! 🙂

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