Mystery Nest

Last weekend I saw a crow dip into my neighbors blue spruce. It just so happens that I can see this tree right from my living room window. My hopes of watching baby crows grow soared!!

Crow Nest outside my window
Crow Nest outside my window

I had to rein myself in. Crows are notorious for building several nests. Kind of like a try out period to see if it is safe enough for their babies and themselves. They will spend somewhere between 50 to 60 days in this little spot. About 18 days to incubate the eggs and another 28 to 35 before the babies can fledge. This special place needs to be just right.

The other thing they do is build a decoy nest to fool their predators. Could this mystery nest be one of those?  Just practice turned into a fake nursery.

Crow Nest - is it a decoy?
Crow Nest – is it a decoy?

This weekend I got the photos you see here of how marvelous the work is to weave the sticks. I kept watching for direct evidence they are using this nest but have not seen anyone enter it. What I have seen is a crow sitting close by on the power lines staring at the nest. But the best thing was a crow sitting off to the side stretching his/her wings and legs. Were they on that nest and since it was later in the day and warmer having a little breather?

Stay tuned for more on the mystery nest. Will it be a baby bonanza or a fake out?  Time will tell.

Crow nest near power pole
Crow nest near power pole

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