Otters of Puget Sound

Ocean View Otter Fun

Ocean View beach had a bit of excitement in the last few weeks. I headed out earlier this morning knowing that a big wind storm is blowing into Seattle. The weather  is not disappointing as I sit here typing this blog up, it is screaming outside with limbs, roofing, and garbage cans thrashing about. There are power outages all around us. Last night when we heard that we could get 60 mph gusts we got the battery lanterns and radio out. We are ready to rock if tonight we end up in the dark.

Walking down the staircase to the beach I got a flash of brilliant spring green. In this picture the neon color you see is from wild spurge.

Green Glow Ocean View Trail
Ocean View Trail glows green

Once I got on the beach, it was pretty obvious a high tide and wind storm had moved the driftwood around for better or worse.

One of my neighbor’s built up “marine residence” picnic area was covered in driftwood of varying size. This is a good example of how powerful mother nature can be. Here are a few pictures so you can see what I mean.

Ocean View Driftwood damage
Ocean View Driftwood damage
Driftwood from storm
Driftwood kicked up at Ocean View Beach

Just to the south of this area is a small built up wall on the bank that a lot of us have piled beach debris behind. The tide and waves did a number on this as well.

Puget Sound Storm eroded Ocean View Beach
Puget Sound Storm eroded Ocean View Beach

Upon my return up the beach I was surprised with a rare site of two otters romping. They were messing with something up on the bank. I dropped my bag and umbrella. Then dragged out my good camera to get zoomed pictures. The camera was in a zip-lock back to protect it from the pouring rain so it took a moment.

Then they saw me and scampered back into the water. My attempts to photograph them in that dash was unsuccessful but a couple of still photos and a video of them swimming turned out not too bad. They were certainly not coming back to the beach the way they watched me.

Life does have its moments of serendipity. These two fat otters were a treat from being in the right place at the right time.

Lastly, I have to show you that My Crow Follower is still shadowing me. I wrote a few blogs about him back in 2014. One of them had him covered in poop. I aptly named him Mr. Shithead that day. Here are the links to those two posts and some pictures from today.  My Crow Follower – 2014 and Mr Shithead

My Crow Follower
My Crow Follower
Crow of Ocean View Beach
My Crow Follower doing his begging act.

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