Madrona Forest Trail

Walking a trail seldom used in a madrona forest is a delight to the senses. This tree has a smooth mahogany red-brown bark with dark green leaves. The trunks lean into the sun and wind on a hill overlooking Puget Sound. It loves the water and good drainage. Not a good yard tree since it prefers the wild.

I am fortunate that my beach trail winds through a madrona forest. Not just one tree but a family of them that stretch over a large area of the bluff. At the top of the long final staircase to the beach is a seldom traveled trail that juts off into the trees. It is blocked by downed trees and the brush is narrowing it. I took this trail to “be” in the trees.

Madrona forest trail
Madrona forest trail

Off the main trail as I hiked up and over things I found myself surrounded by blown down madronas of different years and decades. The gnarled trunk in the feature photo above is an example of how one has aged into almost a black abstract painting.

As I look back down the trail, I gloried in the madrona’s color and patterns.

madrona forest full of color
Madrona forest full of color

Turning around looking up the hill I could see the tops of the trees waving in the breeze.

madrona forest tree tops
Madrona tree tops

As I stood absorbing their being I was delighted by sounds of a crow family frolicking through the tree tops. They were cawing, chuckling and croaking to each other. Soon they were in the trees above me in their game of hide and seek. In reality they are probably seeking nesting sites for this year’s nursery or an afternoon snack.

This is where I have to confess I decided to stay in the moment of the trees and birds. It is so easy in this life of technology to be consumed with taking the best picture or video (think selfie). I have done that before with more times losing out twice. First in not deeply enjoying the moment nor getting a great photo. Today I went with nature un-photographed and just hiked along with the crows above me.

I leave you with one of the stills I took before the crows arrived. This is the same set of tree tops that they danced around me in.

beauty of a madrona forest
Beauty of the madrona forest

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