Crows of Frager Road

Along the Green River’s west bank is a small flock of crows beating out a living. What a good living it is too. Crow Stalker’s walk along the river has found another family to feature.

This piece of the river cuts between a large housing development on the west side and a Kent park and a large kennel on the east side. It was on the backside of the kennel I first noticed them. A hawk was floating on a thermal close by and the resident crows were not happy with him. Their cawing and antics caught my attention as I walked south.

That kennel must be a boon of good eats for the murder. Add a park with lots of good trees with privacy for a nursery and no wonder this flock considers this a prime territory to hold.

Crows hanging out over a Kennel
Crow pair have staked out this tree next to the kennel.

On my return trip more of them were out on the west side at the back of the houses and around a pump station Kent had put in.

Crows using the houses for view of river
Crow watches from pole
Crow watches from pole
Crow at Frager Rd watching as partner forages

This part of Frager road is mostly shut to road traffic making it a safe playground for the crows. Frager is one of the original roads along the Green River that used to connect the population of the area. A couple of years ago the city of Kent bought up most of the farms and houses and then closed the roads to traffic making a walking and bicycling trail on both sides of the river.

I leave you with a final picture of a Frager crow and the old guard rail. Notice how it has seen a lot of traffic and probably saved a few cars from going into the drink.

Crow guard on Frager Rd not so straight guard rail

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