Trio of Crow Pairs

Seahurst Park in Burien, Washington has a resident Crow flock. My adventure today took me to this park on Puget Sound. They have made a grove of  trees where South Creek meets the sound their roost and I find a few of them there every visit. Looking up into that tree I spotted three crow couples noodling and hanging out close together. Doubt if they know it is Valentines Day but they make a perfect post for the day of hearts.

This first photo gives you a picture of the trees.  All three pairs can been seen plus another family member just hanging out with them.

Triplet of Crow Pairs
Triplet of Crow Pairs

Up towards the top on the right side of the trees is our crow pair number one. They are also the couple seen noodling in the feature image of this article.

Crow Pair #1 Seahurst Park
Crow Pair #1 Seahurst Park

Crow Pair number two are in the upper left corner with the helper or other family member hanging out close by.

Crow Pair #2 Seahurst Park
Crow Pair #2 Seahurst Park

A little harder to see is Pair number three.  They are at the center of the bigger picture hanging lower in the trees.  Not sure if their place in the grove denotes seniority or which pair has been together longest. I tend to think that is the case but don’t have the research to prove that.

Crow Pair #3 Seahurst Park
Crow Pair #3 Seahurst Park

Spring is approaching and it is time to find a mate or get lovey with your long-term love. Nature tells all of us to get prepared for nesting and babies now. Spring is a good time to birth the little ones which gives them plenty of time to grow up before the next winter sets in.

On a prior visit to Seahurst Park the flock entertained me by flying next to my car as I left. Check out this link to enjoy that with me.

Flying with the Crows

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