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All Together Now…

Love this article and blogger – Bean and Bantam by Daphne!


Murmuration is the word used for a flock of birds in flight, and the shapes they make as they maneuver, like undulating ribbon seen in the picture below, made of many individual birds, like a fluid sort of fabric across the sky:


For years, no one knew how birds flew in murmurations without crashing into each other… it was a puzzle of math and physics and biology.  Within the past few years, physicists at the Institute for Complex Systems in Rome were able to develop a 3D reconstruction able to track the flight of individual birds within flocks of thousands, which revealed that each bird keeps spatial track of the seven birds closest to it, regardless of their distance.  If one bird turns, that adjustment travels through the flock at 60-120 feet per second, allowing the whole flock to turn almost simultaneously.  I’ve posted a video further down.

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Yes I try to be a combination of superheros.... Batgirl and Robin (Batman's sidekick) Add a love of crows, nature & history and this is what makes Batgurrl tick. Technology is important to me but I advocate rambling free of it. The small screen in the middle of nature is a distraction. Pretty tall order that I often fail at. But I smile through it, pick myself back up and get going again. May you do the same.

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