Happy New Year & a Fresh Blog Look

For 2016 I have done a little refresh on Crows of Arroyos.  My content will still be around nature, what moments of serendipity come my way and of course crows. Navigation of  a blog is important so the new format gives the reader a selection of current articles to pick from with a nice visual peek at each of them.  Check it out by clicking on Crows of Arroyos in the upper left corner.

The body of the posts are in a soft blue background and no longer have the large picture of Mt. Rainier claiming a lot of screen area. To commemorate and say good bye to my older theme, I have attached that featured photo of Mt Rainier with a crow and airplane captured from Arbor Heights.

Hope you enjoy the new look and find the navigation easier.

Happy New Year – may 2016 bring you many nature moments – Batgurrl

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