Growing to Sea – Duwamish Revealed Art

T-107 has a Duwamish Revealed art installation called Growing to Sea.  A little twist of words on Going to Sea and made of natural materials.  Be interesting to see what it looks like when spring comes and the perennials come to life.

Duwamish Revealed Art at T-107 Park
Duwamish Revealed Art at T-107 Park

Want to see more Duwamish Revealed Art?  Here is their website plus two more encounters with this creative celebration of the river I had on my Duwamish adventure .

Duwamish Revealed website

Mirror Art in Southpark

Old Bridge Art Installation

One final note –  I didn’t see the fly on the signage until I got home reviewing my pictures. Guess he wanted to be part of the blog too.

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