Containers and Cement on Duwamish River

I have been kind of dreading this stretch of My Duwamish Adventure.  It is along a busy four lane road between a steep forested hill and industry that border the river. West Marginal Way and it’s sister East Marginal Way border the river. To my surprise I did find a few goofy and weird things along with the grim of industry.

Let us start with the container yards that are a mountain between me and the river.

On the north end of this long straight road is a couple of industrial manufactures including the Lafarge cement plant.

Not to disappoint me West Marginal had a few weird or unusual sites to break up the quest to get to the river. First there was the coffee place shaped like a ship.

Coffee shop or boat?
Coffee shop or boat?

Next we have in the middle of this industry the brave American Flag being flown.


Flag amidst industry
Flag amidst industry

Across the street is a construction company with an old Willy’s Pickup in their bone yard.  I swear this is my old truck that I sold in 1980 to go to semi-truck school.  It has seen better days for sure.

My old Willys Truck - perhaps?
My old Willy’s Truck – perhaps?

Stairs to nowhere exist behind another company on the west side of the road.

Stairs to nowhere
Stairs to nowhere

Nature and industry don’t always cohabitat well.  This dead tree is a testament to this.

Poor tree
Poor tree

Then there are some strange things stored in the container yards.

I leave you with art in a surprising place.  I found this series on the back of a road sign.

Sign with signs
Sign with signs

To see more of my Duwamish Adventure I have a directory post that links all of the pieces together.  You can find that post here – My Duwamish Adventure Directory

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