Landslide on Standring Lane

This last week we in Seattle have experienced what is called an atmospheric river aka Pinapple Express.  This is where the jet stream brings a never ending flow of rain and wind off the Pacific.  A true Pineapple Express brings warm temperatures. This series of storms only had one section that was on the warmer side. Unfortunately that caused more rivers to flood because it did not snow in the mountains.  The water had to go somewhere.

This much rain causes soil to slide.  The earth just can’t hold the water and in some cases the ensuing landslide takes out a house or two.   That is what happened on Standring Lane which is in north Burien, WA.   Burien is a small communicty just north of Seattle and not far from where I live.

Today I went to my favorite beach – Ocean View Communicty Beach.  This is just north of Seola Beach and Standring Lane.   I took several photos and a video.   The car that was pushed into the sound is still bouncing around in the surf.  The tide is going out in these pictures but the wind is kicking the surf up against bulkheads, driftwood and the car.

Ocean View Beach to Standring Ln landslide
Ocean View Beach to Standring Ln landslide
Standring Ln Burien WA mudslide hits house
Standring Ln Burien WA mudslide hits house


Here is the video I took that will give an even better feel for the power of mother nature.

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