Airport Adventure

Friday I had an experience at the airport in Las Vegas. Never in my many years of business travel have I come close to missing my flight like I did this trip. My friends a work gave me hell over leaving so early. Glad I didn’t listen to them and left when I did.

Here is a quick timeline:

  • 12:45 – Arrived at the actual airport after returning rental car.  Two hours until departure and plenty of time for lunch.
  • 2:30 – After standing in line at the TSA security check out for almost an hour and half I was cleared.  15 minutes until my flight!!  Others around me missed their flights because TSA did not have the staff to run more than one scanning area.
  • 2:31 – grabbed my shoes and other belongs, dashed to the tram.  It was just arriving and I ran to the far end.  That way I could be closer to the gate when it stopped at D Gates.
  • 2:32 – tram left and I sat on the floor putting my shoes on and getting my carry on all tidy for the big dash.  Decided on the door to exit from the tram.  One had wheel chairs etc, so I picked the other one.
  • 2:34 – tram arrived and I bolted from the door like a racehorse out of the gate.
  • 2:36 – ran up escalator and reached top.  Heard announcement that my flight was now in final boarding.
  • 2:38 – running towards D40 gate which just happens to be the end of the terminal.
  • 2:39 – had to stop for a drink of water since I was now loosing steam and wondered if I had the stamina to make it.
  • 2:41 – gate in sight and waved at crew.  He waved me to come on. I slowed slightly but still hustled.
  • 2:43 – walked down the ramp and found my seat.  Everyone was smiling at me cause it was obvious I had been running.
  • 2:45 – plane pushed away!!  Ate Fiber Bar for lunch.

How did this 62-year-old woman do this?  I give credit to my beach trail that I have over the years used to maintain my strength.  For your viewing pleasure here is a slide show of that trail that saved my bacon at the airport.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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