Crows of T-117 Park

Crows follow me it seems.  Or is it I am more aware of them than most people.  Yesterday was no different. At the end of my walk along the Duwamish in Southpark as part of my Duwamish Adventure series I ran into this flock.

There were well over 100 of them in this murder.  Walking back to my car I saw crows flying south and figured they were gathering for the night’s roost. Little did I know that when I started driving home I would run into their site. This is the new park that the County is building called T117 in conjunction with the Port of Seattle.  Here is a picture with the new park digitally added.  The crows were near the pink house and old garage on the right of the photo where the park’s boundaries jog upwards.

Map on sign about new park T-117
Map on sign about new park T-117

This site is a crows feeding delight.  The ground is broken up for easy pickings.  Remember the old garage I mentioned in my Duwamish Adventure post? Duwamish Industry & Houses of Southpark This was right where they were hanging out.

I think a video tells a better story of what the area looked like and how the crows were behaving.


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