Feather Moment


Heron having a feather moment
Heron having a feather moment

This blue heron is balancing on one leg down on the Duwamish River.  These pilings protect boaters from grounding as well as provide a perch for birds.  This heron has a feather stuck in his plumage.  Wonder how long before it got dislodged either by his taking flight or a good puff of wind.

The other post had a gawky immature  double-crested cormorant keeping watch on the bay for a good fish.  In this picture he is giving me the eye.

Young Double-Crested Cormorant
Young Double-Crested Cormorant

These two pilings are part of the four you can see in the picture below.   This also gives you a good idea of how Seattle’s only river is surrounded by industry.   The freeway 599 was so loud it deafened out any other sounds including approaching traffic on the perimeter road I was walking along.  This is such a contrast to the groomed trails and park around the Green River further south.

Duwamish flows surrounded by industy
Duwamish flows surrounded by industry

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