Eve of Halloween Crows in Renton

It is the eve of Halloween and the crows put on a show for us. They are back at their usual gathering spot before they roost for the night.  This parking lot and empty field on Lind Avenue SW in Renton has seen this rendezvous year after year.

Renton Crows face setting sun
Renton Crows face setting sun

I want to point out in the above picture, how all the crows are facing southwest.  Everyone of them are pointing towards the setting sun.  Are they using the timing of the sun on the horizon to tell the right time to go to the night-time trees?  Or are they doing their evening prayers to the sun?

We humans have different views for sure.  When in our scientific minds we believe they are just judging when the sun will set.  However, our spiritual being, wants to believe they have a sense of spirit and god. How could a being as family oriented and intelligent not be something more than just a bird brain? I leave you with that thought to consider.

To give you an idea of how many crows are in this gathering check out the following still photo and video.  Listen to the sound they make as they watch the setting sun, get a snack before bedtime and exchange greetings.

Hundreds of Crows in Renton on Lind Avenue
Hundreds of Crows in Renton on Lind Avenue

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