Green River Trail Quest

This summer I decided to hike the Green River Trail.  Most folks bicycle along the trail but I did it all on my feet.

This is a trail easily accessible to me versus driving into the Cascades each weekend.   The beginning point is only 15 minutes away from my house.  It also was a place I am familiar with since I had lived in a small house where the Cecil Moses Park now exists.

Over the months I would drive to where I left off and then walk a couple of miles taking photos of bridges, nature, birds, the river and living in some history moments.   Then I would turn around and walk back to my car.  Some return trips I took another route or short cut but in most cases it was the same path.

This quest ended Thursday when I made it to Foster Park in Kent.  This is where the Green River Trail meets the Interurban Trail.  A beginning or an end or both. The extra meaning to this park is my maiden name is Foster so it was a special place to end the quest.

After I wrote the last blog post on my trip down the trail, I decided to better organize the postings.  I re-categorized them all under “Green River Trail” and composed this summary post with links to the major pieces.

Hope you enjoy a little meandering down the river!

Green river trail – all began

Riverton Bridge

Interstate 5, Trains and Green River

Green River Osprey Nest

Black River Survives

Briscoe Park

Eagle on Trail Moment

Kent Valley the River Flows

Country Road

Neely Homestead

Kent Eaglet

Golf & Bridges on the trail

Trail Finale

I made it to the end of the Trail - Green River meets Interurban trail
I made it to the end of the Trail – Green River meets Interurban trail


If you enjoyed this series of walks along the Green River Trail you might find my quest north along the Duwamish River.  Here is a link to the directory of posts.

Duwamish Adventure Directory

Duwamish Rock & Green River Trail bridge
Duwamish Rock & Green River Trail bridge

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