Green River Trail Ends

My quest began back in May to hike the Green River Trail.   Some 50 miles of walking later I made it to where the trail meets the Interurban Trail.  Don’t forget each trip I made I walked as far as I could.  Then would turn around and walk back to my car.

In the picture above you can see both trail signs showing the way. This is either the beginning or the end of the road. For this girl it was the finish line.  In the spirit of how I have been documenting the quest let’s go back to the beginning of the day’s hike.  It started where I left off at the Meeker River Bridge and the golf course there.

River, Golf Driving Range and the trail
River, Golf Driving Range and the trail

This fence is huge that surrounds the driving range overshadowing a lovely golden tree which you can see in the center of the photo above.

Golden leaves glow from the light
Golden leaves glow from the light

This photo I took by laying on my back in the grass.  The light coupled with the form of the trees branches has the power to transport you  into fall.  Next you can see the tree as I walk away.


Signs old and new abound along the trail.



This section of the trail is similar to all the others.  It is a combination of paved trail and road that follows the river.  The sights I see are all serendipitous.  I am going to organize them in two groups.   They are bridges which have been a great subject this quest and pastoral views along the way.

First the pastoral views:

I have come to love the view of bridges new and old along the trail.  This last piece did not disappoint.

At Foster Park there was a great map of the Kent Park Departments piece of the river trails. They have created several routes that are round trips.  Good information if you are going to follow my quest.


Then I had a perfect finale to my trip down the Green River Trail.  When I got into my car a small family of crows came over and gave me the “where are the peanuts?” eyeball.  Last time I was at that parking lot I fed them and they never forget a face.  Of course I fed them and here is a happy guy.


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