Beach of Sparkling Serenity

High tide gave the day a sparkling moment.  I went to the beach knowing it would be just a narrow strip of beach to walk on and left to serendipity what I would photograph.  No crows or birds to speak of but a dynamic late summer sun on the surf.

The next place I turned my eye was up on the bluff looking through the madrona trees to the sky and water.  Here is a tree framed window looking to the sky.


The forest is a mix of twisted snags, mahogany colored trunks, and fat green leaves.

Two other events came along – ships, barges and tugs headed north up the sound and some really big bird poop.  I think we should end with the poop, so here are the ships I saw.  I want to point out the distance photo of the tug pulling a barge shows you how the Puget Sound fills up at high tide.  Looking to the horizon it has a hill like bulge, which makes me feel uncomfortable knowing the beach is lower than sound level.

Now… the finale!!  Big Bird Pooooop!!

Came around the corner of the trail and saw this big white spot.  My first reaction was who threw paint or flour?  But that is not what it was.  It is a place under where a bird sat in a tree over and over and left lots of shit below.  This can happen near a nest like the eagle nest in Kent or under a roosting tree.  The bird that can leave this big of a statement is not a little robin, crow or this is the work of an eagle, heron or osprey.


Is it flour? Is it paint? No it is Bird Poop!!



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