Crows of North Seatac Park

Where ever I go I find crow families.  My adventure at North Seatac Park was no exception. I have to confess I knew they were there before I went today. This park at the north end of Seatac Airport has become a wild sanctuary for creatures like crows.  I drive by this area frequently on my way to and from work.  When my commute is timed with the setting sun I have noticed smaller family flocks flying to this park for their evening roost.

Roosting is more of a non-breeding season thing.  The greater flock gathers every day to share stories and find protection in numbers during the night.

When I arrived at the park this morning, I noticed quite a bit of trash around.  At first I thought what a party must have happened last night.  There was hard-working park employee picking up things and cleaning the public restroom.  She told me she wasn’t sure if the people were just messy or if the crows did this.  When she arrived there were about 100 of them (not people) around, so both of us connected the dots to those opportunist crows.

Crows hanging out in Seatac Park
Crows hanging out in Seatac Park

I didn’t see 100 crows but I did see a large flock cavorting in the trees and on the ground. There were lots of youngsters in the group getting educated on how to find the best eats in both the human garbage and the bounty of mother nature.

When I returned from my walk around the area I was treated by their flock in flight.  The following still photo not only captured them in a tree (you have to look closely for the black) but also an airplane on final approach to the airport.  Double flight.

Crows and Airplanes co-exist at North Seatac Park.
Crows and Airplanes co-exist at North Seatac Park.

And with a roar of airplanes overhead here they are flying all in mass.

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