Golf, Bridges & Green River Trail

The Green River Trail winds through Kent, Washington sandwiched between the river and a large golf course.  Weeks ago I left off my walk down the trail at where the eagles raised their two babies.  Today, I walked a piece south of the nest that borders the Riverbend Golf Complex.

Signs warn the walkers and bikers to watch for errant balls and there are a few tall black fences to protect us.



The last time I was in this area not only did I get some good shots of the eaglet but also of a baby swallow.  This time I captured this Flicker atop the fence.


As you know from my prior posts of the trail, I am fascinated by the bridges that crisscross the river and the trail.  This area did not disappoint me.  Where Meeker Avenue crossed the river there was the old green metal car bridge and a pedestrian / golf cart bridge too.


The salmon season was on and the river bank was lined by many fisherman.  Wonder how many really got a fish?


I am always looking for local history and there next to the fisherman is the remnants of the original bridge’s footings.


Next to the parking area for the trail I noticed a retired guy with a huge white beard selling found golf balls in egg cartons.  While I was down in the brush by the river to get a good river photo and yes I must confess taking a pee… I found a golf ball.  I picked it up and when I came back by gave it to him

He proceeded to tell me that he couldn’t sell it do to a ding in it.  However, he saves the ones he finds that are flawed and donate them to the golf course.  They in turn give them to kids who are learning to play.  Then I found out that all the sales he makes he gives to his neighbor’s daughter.  They are not so well off and that is used to buy her school supplies and other things she needs.   This conversation made my day.

I leave you with my favorite photo of the day.  It is the car bridge mirrored in the Green River.  Hope everyone is inspired to get out and enjoy the world!


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