Crow Art

A week or so ago I was going to the park to walk.  Along the way is where my grandparents lived in the 60s.  This is the house I spent some of my youngest years in since they took care of me many times.  Not only would I stay the night frequently but every summer my cousin and I would spend a couple of weeks there.

The house had fallen into disrepair and it was recently sold.  When I drove by this time I was delighted to see it was painted and looking so well-loved.  I had to stop and take a picture or two.  As I walked up the sidewalk I found this lovely yard art of crows and nature.


The sidewalk needed a little repair and this is how lovely it was done.


Someone who has metal crow art can’t be half bad in my book.

Lastly, here is my grandparents house today.  They passed away in the late 60s so this was a great moment to my day to see how lovely it looks.


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