All Pinned Up!

No nature this weekend!  It is all about getting my latest quilt project to the finish line.  The baby is due in mid-September, so time is a wasting.

I put the final pieces on the quilt top and started the sandwich process.  For those that are not quilters, this is where you put the pretty quilt top, the batting and the quilt bottom all together. First step is get all the pieces pressed and I mean no wrinkles allowed.  Next, spread the bottom on the floor and smooth it out.  Add the batting on top for the middle of the quilt of the sandwich.  Top it off with the pretty pieced top.

Now what do you do?  You have to get it into the machine or your lap to quilt it.  The trick is to secure it while it is all flat on the floor with hundreds of safety pins. That will keep the three pieces from slipping or bunching while you do the quilting. Hence “All Pinned Up!”.

The cool thing about this quilt is one of the fabrics I found. The pattern is safety pins. Double Pinned Up!!

Once I have all the safety pins in I shift it to my dinning room table to save my back from leaning over. My helper-supervisor Reggie followed me over to make sure it is done correctly. There I basted it both horizontally and vertically about every two inches. Lastly, the pins come out.

We are now ready to quilt.  That will be next weekend’s adventure.


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