Beach Baby

Crow babies love the beach just like human children. Their parents bring them down at low tide on a nice day to teach them how to fend for themselves.  For the first timers to baby crows, you can tell this crow above is a baby by his pink mouth corners.  Add how their voices can’t caw like an adult and you can spot them right away.

This little guy was being ignored by his parents, so he actually found a crab to eat.  He stood there with it in his beak showing everyone how proud he was.  Then he put it between his toes and proceeded to munch down.

I got a Crab Mom!!
I got a Crab Mom!!
Baby Crow feeding himself
Baby Crow feeding himself

It had only been 15 minutes before that and he was following his parent around the beach crying like any baby would. He begged for food and made a general nuisance of himself. This video gives you a good view of how crow parents start to ignore their children and how that does not go over well.  This little guy won’t give up and I have to imagine he is on his parents final nerve.  That crying over and over is like a dripping faucet at night… it can drive your crazy.


While this baby drama played out, a small family of crows took turns bathing.  They had taken advantage of a small tidal pool formed as the tide went out.  It was fed by fresh water drainage and the receding salt water of Puget Sound.

Crow Bath is between the two old pilings
Crow Bath is between the two old pilings

One of the youngsters took to poking around in the bath soup hoping to find some good eats.

What can I find in the bath tub soup?
What can I find in the bath tub soup?

Enjoy the dance they do with each other bathing and playing at the beach.  The larger adults hog the pool.  Watch how one smaller crow keeps trying to get in but each time he thinks the coast is clear another older crow pushes him aside.  There is a pecking order in the crow world that he must learn and remember.



  1. These videos are great, it was like watching National Geographic. I half expected to hear the narrator to come on and talk about the baby irritating the parents and then trying to get in on the bathing action. How lucky you are to witness these happenings! How fortunate for us that you share it with us! Lovely post.

    • Thank you so much but it was all serendipity. It is just opening up to what is given to one and paying attention. Luck is a factor too. My Beach family of crows really delivered this weekend. r

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