Lake Washington Blvd of Old

Found this new treasure to add to my Lake Washington Floating Bridge postcard collection. This pictures Lake Washington Blvd and Mt Rainier in 1914, which is south of the I-90 Floating bridge.  (refer to my earlier post  –  I have pinpointed that this is now where the hydroplane race pits are for Seafair each year.  It is called Stan Sayres Park.  Here is an excerpt from the Seattle Park Department on the park. A history moment for sure.

Stan Sayres Park is located on a fairly “new” peninsula created when Lake Washington was lowered in 1917 by the creation of the Ship Canal. Throughout most of the year Stan Sayres was above water, however, it could easily get swamped and surrounded by water as the lake rose during the rainy season. Therefore, additional fill material had to be added when the peninsula was developed as a hydroplane race site. Stan Sayers park was named in 1957 after hydroplane driver Stanley S. Sayres (1896-1956). Sayres is known as the person who brought hydroplane racing to Seattle after he won the Gold Cup in Detroit in 1950. Previously there had not been a hydroplane race west of Detroit. In his unlimited class powerboat named Slo-Mo-Shun IV, Stan Sayres won five Gold Cups and set a speed record of 178.48 mph.

Lk Washington Blvd - Seattle -1914 Postcard
Lk Washington Blvd – Seattle -1914 Postcard
Lk WA Blvd 1914 postcard back - postmarked 1922
Lk WA Blvd 1914 postcard back – postmarked 1922

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