Green River Eagle Moment

Walking along the Green River Trail I was watching a small flock of sandpipers.  They all of a sudden flew off disturbed by something.

That was when this adult eagle flew overhead from the trees behind me.  He swooped down to the river bank and to my surprise dove in.  He didn’t come out with a fish as my first instinct suspected.  He jumped out quickly and then landed on the bank.  There he fluffed himself and did a bit of vocalization.   Before I knew it he flew off to the south.

Several others on the trail told me of a nest down closer to Kent.  Was he one of those birds raising his babies and trying to get a fish for them?

Lastly, as he flew over the trail headed off on his rounds, a bicyclist came by.  I pointed with excitement at the eagle.   He (the biker) was not interested and commented they were there all the time.  All the time or not, they are a majestic creature that no matter when I see them I get excited.

Just another moment of serendipity to treasure.  Hope you enjoy this little video of him on the beach.

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