Baby Crow stare down

I had walked another mile or two of the Green River Trail when I diverted myself to West Valley Hwy.  Along that busy street between two warehouses where a railroad came through I heard the familiar baby crow cry.  Next thing I knew I saw him fly into a small tree.   With a little effort I walked down the rails and got a few photos of him.  He gave me the crow stare down the whole time.

The first one above shows you how he is just sitting in the tree like any other crow.  If you don’t know the tell-tale signs of a baby crow you would think he was just a regular bird.

My photos got progressively more zoomed in.  I have learned to take as many photos as possible as fast as I can.  MIght not have it zoomed in as close as I want but getting perfection will mean missing the shot all together.  After taking about 7 photos I started to move closer and he decided I wasn’t his friend.  He flew away with mom in tow.

This little guy has the classic baby crow features.  He has blue eyes and he has a little bit of pink lip showing.  Both his eyes and mouth will eventually go black or dark brown when he matures.  Their feathers can be a dusty brown or not a true black.  That is harder to tell unless they are next to an adult crow.   The best sign is their voice.  They are still babies at heart begging for their next meal or are practicing to caw with an immature sound.

Baby Crow - see the pink lip and blue eyes
Baby Crow – see the pink lip and blue eyes


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