Beach Party at Low Tide

Saturday in Seattle was in the 80s and the tide on Puget Sound was very low. My local beach was busy with both us humans and our bird friends.

The birds (mostly my crow beach posse) do the same things we humans do.   They pose for a good photo

Beach Posing
Beach Posing

Fight over picnic food

Birds fight over picnic just like kids.
Birds fight over food just like kids.

And  generally frolic in the sun.


For those that follow the Crows with me, remember my Follower?   Here he is looking really relaxed in the sun only 4 feet from me.  He slowly is getting more comfortable with me and has become brave enough to get even closer.

My watching got comfortable in the sun
My follower got comfortable in the sun

Lastly, I have no baby crow updates.  My baby mojo this year isn’t that great or maybe there aren’t many to be had.  Has the unusual warm weather caused them to have them too early and I missed them?  I have recently seen a crow family building a nest outside my office window. Late in the year to start a family or is it their second attempt?  Not sure but I will keep your posted.

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