Raising an Osprey Family on Camera

Remember the Osprey Nest next to I-405 I wrote about earlier?  It is on my way to work, so twice a day I look to see if I can tell what is happening.  I usually see a head poking up, that confirms they are raising their family.  Here is a link to my prior post.


Weeks ago I sent an email to the PSE avian protection biologists asking them if there was an active video feed on this nest they moved.  I got an answer that Mr. Racks, who is the next door neighbor to the next platform, has them hooked up via Livestream.   Here is that link for your viewing pleasure.  http://livestream.com/accounts/12941964

Friday morning I stopped under the nest and actually caught a parent shift change. Then I went online and found where I entered the picture. The Osprey on the nest was a clue to my presence since he/she was certainly watching in my direction.  If you want to see that time on the video feed push it back to 31.10.  Then at 31.14 you can see my car turning around and leaving.   (that time will only last as long as their DVR can hold video – so check it out soon).

Here is what it looks like from below with all the wires and cellular tower around it.  Look carefully at the first picture and you can see the osprey landing on the tower.  The second photo is him/her sitting on it.



This slide show is a series of photos I took right when I got out of the car and saw the Osprey fly over.  Look closely at the nest and you can see the take off.   Hope you enjoyed the Freeway Ospreys.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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