Duwamish meets the Green River Bridges

Wandered around the Green River Trail today at a place where the Duwamish Waterway becomes the Green River.


There have been many bridges in this area over the years and this trail gave me some shots of both old and new.   Well, the old are just pilings but you will see what I mean.

The featured image at the top is looking south from a small pedestrian bridge that goes to Allentown.  It has the current bridge in its view, however, look closely for a little island.  That is all that is left of one of the first bridges built here – the Riverton Draw Bridge.  On Historylink.org, they talk about how this existed from 1903 until it was demolished in 1927.   This bridge was originally built for people and horse carriages.  Soon after it was built it started transporting automobiles.  The west side had a very dangerous approach that crossed the Interurban train tracks.  Several fatal accidents occurred there.  Here are two pictures of the bridge I was standing on and the north view.

Footbridge over the Green River at Allentown
North view down the Green River – That is the modern firehouse at the curve.

Continuing to the north around this bend, is where you will see a new bridge for cars, the Light rail bridge, pilings from some other old bridge or dock and dual bridge towers from what I think is the Interurban Train’s bridge.  I can’t confirm that anywhere but it seems to be about the right place for it.

Old Bridge piers on the south side of the Green River
Looking across the Green River to the North side old bridge piers. Is this the old Interurban rail bridge?
See the three pilings to the left of the large old bridge supports? Are they another bridge or just an old dock. There is a cement pad above them.

Next you can see the old farm-house that is boarded up because of the newer Light rail system that goes by it.  That concrete bridge is the Light Rail raised track.

Old Farm house & Light rail bridge in Duwamish. Check out the goose, he came up to greet me looking for treats.
Got Food?

Next you can see the Hwy 99 bridge with Boeing Office Building in the distance.

This is a 2000 replacement bridge.

In this photo of crow post sitting you can see the footbridge that crosses back over the river to the park where I parked.


Every trail head has a prankster and see what I found.   A little blue guy waving goodbye to you.

Blue Man at Cecil Moses Park.






  1. Yes, those are the old Interurban Trolley bridge piers!
    The steel bridge was eventually “recycled”, floated a few hundred feet downriver and used as an automobile bridge on East Marginal Way Here is a link to that happening in 1934:
    Then in 1989 the current concrete auto bridge was constructed.
    BTW, love your fantastic blog, some of my favorite subjects – crows, industrial archeology, and the Duwamish River!

    • That is so cool that it was moved and reused. Thanx for the link and now others can connect the dots.

      Crows are something special and I have a huge thirst of history. Add to that my love of just walking around new places. Getting out of the car is so visually wonderful.

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