Owl harassed by Crows

Serendipity followed me to the park today.  As I walked toward the Eagle’s nest in Lincoln Park, I heard crows mobbing something.   As a crow stalker I am always drawn to what the crows are up to.  This was a great surprise, they were chasing an Owl and I actually got to see all of them in action.   They hung out long enough for me to take some still photos and a small video.

Noisy crows drew me to this Owl
Noisy crows drew me to this Owl

Very special sighting today.

Lincoln Park Owl
Lincoln Park Owl



  1. I have always wanted an owl (after watching Harry Potter, of course), and this owl is just so cute! I wonder why the crows bullied it..It looks sad 😦

    • Hi my snowy… just like the snowy owl…. the crows think the owl will eat their babies. All about their family and isn’t that the way with even us humans.

      Harry Potter …. my company tours an exhibit on Harry. Owls are so mysterious and magical for sure. When I saw this one I was feeling very special. I had looked in the woods for years for an owl sighting after seeing one years ago. Be cool my little snowflake. Batgirl

      • Oh! I wonder why! But this cute owl wouldn’t do that (i hope) :O
        This is so amazing! I did not know this before! Harry Potter exhibit! If you ever get time (and if it doesn’t go against your company policy, of course) I hope you share something about the exhibit 😀
        Yes this owl has something to it. It is not only adorable but a bit mysterious as well ahaha 🙂
        Thank you for telling me about the owl 😀

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