Tubb Lake Adventure

My quest today was to go to SeaTac Park and watch for Crows building nests.  I got distracted by trying to get to Tubb Lake.  This is more a small pond surrounded by bog.   It is one of the last true bogs left in the Seattle area and I got fascinated by it when I went blackberry picking last year.

I scored lots of blackberries but got the bejesus scared out of myself by running into homeless people trash.   I split so fast, I was huffing & puffing when I got to the main trail and road.

Today, I started out circling the forest/brambles that hide this little lake.  I went to the east side thinking I might see it from the high point there.  Alas, that wasn’t possible because the brush was so thick.   So, what did I do?  I went down the trail to see if I could get closer.

Here is a slide show of what I found.  Most of it isn’t pretty nor was it really safe.  I had my mace in hand most of the time.  Even took the safety off at one point.  Never saw anyone though but I am sure these poor souls were there.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Lets end on a light note here.   Saw this little bunny and he scampered into the brush.  Can you see him?  Also,this gives you an idea of how dense it is around a bog.

See the Bunny?
See the Bunny?

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