Pink Flowers and the Cranky Lady

Pale Pink Rhododendron

Pale Pink Rhododendron

Today my walking adventure was restricted to only a half hour.  The Daytona 500 Qualifying was going to start at 10:30 and I had to be back. Yes, I am hooked on NASCAR.

I had a certain route in mind that would get me back in time, but when I got to the corner of 39th & 106th, I saw this glorious full bloom rhododendron.   That was my serendipity moment and I diverted myself to go see it.  But first before I started snapping shots of the flowers, I saw a Robin up on a wire.

Robin singing his spring song
Robin preparing to burst into spring song

This bush resides in front of a house that I have eyed for many years.  The house always seems empty and under some construction.  The front window has had plywood put up.   This board is inside not outside which is odd.  My guess has been that an old person lives there or it was abandoned.   The driveway is a semi-circle but I never see a car in it and it is full of brush from a tree pruned years ago.   The rhododendron is not maintained but it does not care, it is in full spring flower.

A couple was walking by and we even noticed bees flittering around the blossoms.   If you have followed my blog, I have done several photos of bees.   Here was my chance to get a 2015 early bird bee.  About this time an old blue passenger van drove by really slow.  I mean really slow.   He went past the house and then a young lady popped out with a camera.   We commenced to talk about the glory of the pink bush.  She wanted a picture for her mom who lived somewhere that had no flowers yet.

Then I saw the crocus.   They were in the untended flowerbed and were perfectly open Dutch Crocus which are a larger variety.   As I was taking that photo the next door neighbor came charging out of the house.  She was even in her house robe still.   She commenced to tell us to stop taking pictures of that house.  That it was not for sale.  Wow!!  We were shocked by her venomous approach.   So, I told her we were just taking flower pictures.   But it was also my chance to ask about who lived there.  I asked her if someone old lived there.  She answered that a young man who was a longshoremen lived there and the house was not for sale.

OK – she made her point and I reminded her we were just flower aficionados.   She turned on her heels and went back into the house still in a huff.   The young lady and I took a few photos and laughed at our happiness and felt sorry for the old lady.   Her ride came back and she wished me a fabulous day and I the same to her.

Crocus Vernus - aka Dutch Crocus
Crocus Vernus – aka Dutch Crocus


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