Oasis – my Madrona Forest

When times are tough or when I just need my weekly time with nature, I walk to the madrona forest on the side of the Salish Sea.  That little oasis is just a moment away for me.  Here is a link to the daily prompt that has inspired this post  –  Oasis

Climbing higher into the tree tops
Climbing higher into the tree tops

You may have seen me write about these lovely rusty trunked trees.   They have not only a warm color but their form is so reaching and expressive.

On my trail to the beach, I am embraced by them and the wildlife that resides in them. I have found my beloved crows, spotted towhee’s, raccoons, and sparrows inhabiting this world. The little trail has a small platform with a bench overlooking the beach and forest.  I always stop there to drink in the calming energy of the forest around me.

Here are a few things I have documented in this urban forest on the edge of Puget Sound. Hope you may find calm and a small oasis in them as well.


      • I would try that no doubt. that is a good idea. But the thing here is that there’s not much of nature. It has been kind of “reserved” only in parks. So that’s why I loved your pictures 😀

      • But you live in one of the most fast growing cities. Photo things that mimic nature. Plus l love your kitty photo yawning. He is awsome on your about page. Batgurrl.

      • hahah I love the kitty too! 😀
        hmm, I will try this our, this, I could also consider as a new posting style. Its a good idea really. And I like taking pictures too ^_^

  1. WOW this place is just amazing – I can see why you like it here!

    Where I live has nowhere like this, there are some nice natural areas but the most prominent fixtures are concrete and bricks. It would be nice if we had more natural areas dotted around like this!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Lol. Yes years ago I thought. When I retire I will learn to quilt. Then it dawned on me life holds no guarentees. So I self taught myself. Did you check out my series on building that baby crow quilt . It is more folk art than true quilt. Thanx for visiting. I am honored because you are very special. R

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