Glistening Droplets


Dewey morning
Dewey morning

Last weekend walking down the street I found this lovely red branched maple tree covered in droplets that just glistened in the grey morning light.   Reminded me of strings of pearls but so much more fragile.  The buds of spring were encased in dew awaiting their reveal months from now.

Droplets capture winter wetness
Droplets capture winter’s wetness



  1. These are marvelous pictures, I particularly like the second one. It looks like what it is, but also like an otherworldly cavern lit with twinkly dim lights, at some fairy ball. The grey clouds re-reflect light in a luminous way that doesn’t glare.

  2. oh I am so happy you liked this little photo essay. I was walking along that morning & was fascinated by the beads of dew. That grey is really just how my camera unfocuses on the background. Sometimes when it has a mind of it’s own the camera does good things. other times I have to trick it’s auto focus. But in the end it is a great thing how nature gives us little gifts like this. sunny days are not everything in life. r aka batgirl

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