What is Crows of Arroyos all about

I'm like a puppy all legs & beak
Ellie began it all when she fell out of her nest

Please join me in glimpsing the world of Crows.  With that sentence I started my blogging adventure November 21, 2010.   My love of crows all began when I saved a baby crow who fell out her nest.   A little serindiptity thrown to me by nature.  Has it really been that long since 2006 when we saved her and I began documenting my crow families in 2010?

I also made this little statement about my mission on the first blog day:

For the past several years I have followed the local residents of my neighborhood.  We humans live in our houses and by looking up we can see a whole another world.   The Crows have territories, families and parties just like we do.

Lo and behold, my blog is still a lot about Crows and their families.  However, I have over time allowed that original serendipity of life join my blog.   As I went out into the world I stayed in tune to what was happening at the moment and captured it in my blog.   That brought about a wide range of topics I group in the category “Birds and other fun topics”.

What is serendipity you ask?   The answer is the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.  

To refresh my blog I want to include in my mission a combination of crow families and life’s everyday surprises.   It is so easy to become inward as we obsess over our social media.   I want to help others to open their eyes to the beauty of the world available to those that just look up.

May the gift of serendipity be spread across the blogging world.




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