Trails to Winter Sunshine



The Pacific Northwest may seem dreary to some during the winter time.  The days are short and if it is overcast it can be dark early in the day.   The other day I went to Fauntleroy Park on one of the cold sunny days this week.  This little trail goes down to the creek and shows how the salmonberries are already getting ready for spring.  See how they have a reddish glow.

This park has a few stairs because it covers the territory around a ravine with Fauntleroy Creek flowing through it.   This time of year it is muddy but so worth it to get out and enjoy this little bit of wilderness in the middle of the city.  The only birds I found were elusive wrens, who moved around in the undergrowth quickly.   My attempts to get a photo were to no avail.   I even tried the old trick to just shoot away hoping to capture the little devils.   Got home and all I had was photos of PNW briers and brush.  So, today it is all about the terrain.

This day I went later in the afternoon and that is probably why the wildlife was less active. However, the sun was shining into the treetops on the other side of the ravine.   This created a glowing up in their crowns. So, take a little walk over my stairs to see the aqua blue sky behind these shining trees.


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