Two Heads Together – is it Crow Love?

Crow Pair watch the flock
Crow Pair watch the flock & for the peanut hand out

A group of crows followed me up the trail in Lincoln Park.  I have to confess, I was feeding them peanuts.   Yes bribery works well to get a few good photos of this flock.  Most of the younger birds followed behind on the fence railing.  However, this pair settled down ahead of me and continued to watch over the whole affair.  I got the distinct feeling they are the patriarch and matriarch.  See how they sit so close and are very comfortable with each other?  That is long-term crow love.

Bodies so close together = Crow love

Here the flock watches from a tree with peak-a-boo winter blue sky.

Crow Family watching me
Crow Family watching me



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